We are SRS Provider

We are a group of entrepreneurs from Sweden. We started SRS provider after running a successful software development agency for 3 years.

We got so sick and tired of seeing clients who had been ripped off by other agencies or freelancers. Simply because they had no idea what they actually needed to buy or build to make their product of software work properly. In the worst cases a client could have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and would still not have a finished project just because they were lacking a solid foundation.

A great SRS document is the cheapest insurance to make sure your project will become a success.

Why SRS Provider?

After you have had your “Aha!” moment it’s time to build it.

What most people do here is start explaining their project over and over again to a bunch of different freelancers, developers and agencies trying to get quotes and cost estimates for the project.

While this is not a bad idea in itself it does give the freelancers and agencies a lot of room to input their own desires and priorities into the project. Like charging you the maximum amount of money for a software that requires the least amount of resources from them.

This is the reason many new entrepreneurs are baffled when they start receive quotes that vary greatly in price.

We fix this!

With a great SRS every agency and freelancer that will quote you will be quoting the exact same project and technology making it easy for you to pick a long term partner you can trust.

Our Goal

Our mission is to greatly reduce the time it takes for you to specify exactly what you need to build and get you started with hiring developers, freelancers or an agency to build it for you.

We also want you to have an ease of mind knowing that no one you are working with is building something unnecessary that you don’t need just because they want to squeeze out some extra cash from you.

Being an entrepreneur is fun and will be one of the greatest journeys in your life.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by winging your requirements on the go or letting a party with a conflict of interest advise you on what you should build.